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What does Cold Pressing mean? Is there really oil obtained from Cold Pressing or is it just a slogan to attract the customer?

What impact does it have on the price and the final quality?

We will try to explain this famous and at the same time unknown method that often causes some confusion among consumers.

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The "REAL COLD PRESSED" is an ancient method that basically consists of pressing or squeezing the seed to obtain the oil it contains. No other factor is involved, only the force exerted by the machine (hydraulic press) on the seed or fruit we work.


With this method all the properties are conserved obtaining an oil of great qualities. We are talking, without a doubt, of an authentic seed juice. Here you get less oil per kilo. However, this results in a high quality oil.


There are other methods that achieve greater production and more performance but with a much lower oil quality. These are:


(1) Screw Press: endless rotating screw that, with the help of heaters, generates heat and can burn the oil. To this is added the friction generated by the screw against the seed.


(2) Solvents: use of chemicals and which are then subjected to high temperatures, known as refined oils.


Both techniques are much cheaper and faster to get more oil but ... judging by its quality.



The best oil manufacturers in the world are still using the traditional method of "REAL COLD PRESSED", understanding that it is the best technique to achieve the best result. Exactly this is how we do it at Aceitería Dumont. We elaborate under this same standard. We design and build hydraulic presses that act by compaction, calculated to exert a controlled force without generating temperature in the pressing of the seed. This technique prioritizes maintaining the nutritional and organoleptic qualities of the oil over the extraction efficiency.


The press is controlled by a hydraulic system ready to receive about 20 kilos of material to be compacted. The amount of liters obtained will depend on the yield of each fruit or seed. Once the extraction is finished, the oil is collected in a container that then decants naturally. The final stage is when we unmold the press obtaining a "cake" (compacted material). From here we produce semi-degreased flours rich in fiber and proteins.

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