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The dream that came true

Aceitería Dumont
Filosofía de Aceitería Dumont

In ACEITERÍA DUMONT our mission is clear: excellence and quality in pure and 100% natural products.

Our responsibility is to deliver to our customers the best product that can be found in the market, since our production processes are based on traditional methods which allows us to obtain the best results.

We are constantly in a search for quality raw materials and improvements in our manufacturing processes, with the aim of bringing to your table a 100% natural food, free of chemicals and additives.


Tradition and love for a healthy life served as inspiration to found DUMONT ACEITERIA. We like to share this experience, which serves as a guide to continue developing new products.

Filosofía de Aceitería Dumont


100% Pure Products

Bienestar, Salud, Gourmet, Dumont

"We believe in the pure, we believe in the quality of the product and we work with love to achieve it taking care of every step in the process. We apply this philosophy in our way of working and we believe that we also transmit it to you"

made in Chile
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